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No matter what the idea or thought - life changing or not - submitting it on wheel INVENT is the first step to making it a reality.

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Wheel decomposes your idea into hundreds of data points and, using our AI-driven algorithm, scores your idea.

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Your idea gets shared with relevant businesses to be implemented and we'll keep you up to date along the innovation lifecycle.

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The better the idea, the more Spokes you will get. Spokes are a virtual currency, whose value will increase exponentially as we grow.


We help companies to boost their innovation funnel by using ideas from the crowd in a data-driven and proactive way. Having access to the largest idea database, wheel INVENT is able provide insights about your (and your competitor's) customer's desires.

From reactive “open” innovation with isolated solutions…

Actual ideas, not just a software product
Diverse and large crowd
Unprecedented innovation analytics
Data-driven idea prioritisation

…to proactive OPEN innovation with wheel INVENT!


We source and qualify ideas from the crowd to help corporations leapfrog innovation - a broker of ideas. We understand ideas like no-one has before - using data and AI to connect, validate, and advance innovation. Giving businesses access to ideas from the home innovation economy and beyond.

We proactively collect ideas from users through our web- and mobile app. wheel INVENT is the one global and central platform sourcing ideas from everyone to create the worlds largest database of ideas.

We assess each submitted idea with our proprietary, Machine Learning (ML) enabled algorithm and data model. We use hundreds of variables and techniques to make sure each idea is scored and categorised appropriately.

We are constantly improving our algorithm so please do let us know if you have any feedback.

We are currently working hard to establish the business partnerships required to make your submitted ideas a reality. Please do contact us if you are interested in partnering with us to transform your product portfolio.

wheel INVENT shares its profit with idea submitters in the form of Spokes. You can earn Spokes through different ways. The earlier you register, the more Spokes you get for your ideas. The more profit wheel INVENT makes – the more actual $ you get for each Spoke. 

Finally a place where I can share my ideas - and get paid for them!